Sunday, January 20, 2013

Book Club Resources

I received my Reading Workshop training in July of 2012. It was presented by trainers from The Reading and Writing Project from Teacher's College in New York. They did a fantastic job in the four days that they had.  The information  and resources they gave us have been very useful.  

As  we all know though, teachers are constantly looking for resources to improve and support their teaching.  I want to share some of the resources I have found to be extremely helpful in developing lessons for my book clubs.

Book Clubs: Developing Autonomy in Engaging With Literature from District 75 Middle School Units of Study (click for link)  I know this says it is for middle school, but it contains several items that easily can be adjusted for elementary.

I used the information on the two slides above to make anchor charts and
to help convey the purpose of Book Clubs to parents.
The next three slides were also used to make anchor charts.


The following is one of the organizers I use the to take notes when I walk around and observe my Book Clubs. Then I review my observations to prepare for conferencing.

I use the information on the following slide to help me when I am conferencing with students about their participation in Book Club.

I think this graphic helps show the correlation between
Book Clubs and the Common Core.
This following slide also has useful information for anchor charts and conferencing.

Jottings are very important in Book Club discussions, so this following slide can be used for teaching points, conferencing, and/or anchor charts.

More conferencing and anchor chart information:

These rubrics can be used for teacher and/or student self-assessment:

I found the unit Reading Workshop Unit of Study Third-Fifth Grade Book Clubs by Tonia Ertzinger (click for link) on an amazing website filled with wonderful Lucy Calkins Reading Workshop lessons, resources, and unit plans. Scroll to the very bottom of the website to find the following unit plan:

I use the following rubrics and checklists to record my observations and prepare for individual student conferences.

Book Club members can complete this reflection sheet to help them set goals for the next meeting.  I do not have my students fill one out every time. 

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