Monday, April 9, 2012

Too Many Activities, Not Enough Space

Earlier this month I shared that I was putting away my word study centers and focusing on more reading response and comprehension. I usually have the activity cards hanging on clothespins that are hotglued on my walls...

My walls were looking a little trashy and crowded though so I needed a new way to organize them.  I headed out to my trusty Dollar Tree to get inspired. I decided that I would put all of the activities about a topic in one clear container together.  Now the students can just take the whole tub to work on which is better because it will be more productive for them to work on several related activities instead of a bunch of different ones.

The activities in the tubs are a variety of homemade things, purchased games, and tasks dowloaded from websites such as Pinterest, FCRR, and The Third Grade wiki.

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