Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Reason

I have had a wonderful week in 3rd grade.  The students' reading is really starting to take off!  I have to share some of my students' growth. The levels are Fountas and Pinnell.

Student JM: September Level E, November Level H
Student TL: September Level F, November Level I
Student JJ: September non-reader...below a Level A, November Level D

Student JJ asked me today if he could read to the class! He said,"come on boys and girls. Sit at the meeting area." The students all looked at me and I motioned for them to go ahead. He sat in my rocking chair and had 3 books with him. He asked the students after they sat down,"are you in your meeting place? Are you ready?" Then he held up each book and told them to raise their hands for the book they wanted him to read. He read all 3 books to the students.  He even asked them questions during the book. When some of the students yelled out to show the pictures he just kept on reading--just like I do!  It always makes my heart warm when students imitate me when they read.

I am so proud of Student JJ because balanced literacy has helped him become a reader. He always has books with him and he always knows when it is his shopping day. He loves getting new books and sharing them with his partner. I am looking forward to finishing my progress monitoring with my other students.

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