Sunday, April 7, 2013

Test Prep Unit Anchor Charts

I created the anchor charts for our Test Prep Unit using the information in A Curricular Plan for the Reading Workshop Grade 3 by Lucy Calkins. Below each chart I cited the page numbers that correspond with the information.

Students should continue developing more stamina as they read during this unit by having one day a week where they have 60 minutes of independent reading time (p. 112).
In addition to using close reading techniques, students will be practicing how to use road-mapping when they read passages (pp. 121-122).
These are tips to remind students what they can do to be successful readers (pp. 114-118). This anchor chart will be posted in an area of the room that students can reference during both independent reading and small group instruction.

There will be students who will struggle with standardized tests because they are below grade level. Obviously if a third grader is a Level L, they are going to have a difficult time reading and comprehending end-of-the-year third grade text. This chart will give those readers little tips to help them stay resilient and focused (pp. 122-125)
Teaching Points:  This last set of charts will help me stay focused on what I want students to learn during the Test Prep Unit. This unit is designed to help students use what they have learned as readers throughout the past year.   This unit is not designed to show them how to pass a test. Unfortunately there is currently no way to get around these tests. My students have show tremendous growth as readers this year and the end-of-grade test will most likely not showcase all of their learning.


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