Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nonfiction Treasure

I love The Last Word bookstore in Charlotte, NC. It has a wonderful selection of used children's books. They even take the time to organize them into categories. I was in there browsing a couple of weeks ago and I came across a beautiful stack of hardback nonfiction books about animals. Wait until you read what a fantastic find these were...

never read--the spines creak when you open them
crisp pages with bright photographs
each book is actually 2 complete books about 2 animals
each book is a Level O--perfect for 3rd grade
$1.50 per book
teacher discount makes them only $1.35 per book
$1.35 per book
$1.35 for an unused, hardback, nonfiction book
$1.35 for what is actually 2 books in one
$13.50 for 10 books about 26 animals

Each book begins with a quick fact box.

The table of contents is a list of questions about the animal. I do wish the questions began with capital letters though.

There is a student-friendly glossary at the end of each book.

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