Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fancy Sticky Notes

I am so excited to use these new sticky notes this week!  I found them at Family Dollar...only $1 for a pack of 3, so I stocked up! I think they will fit perfectly with our character jottings. The heart ones can be used for empathy jottings.  The t-shirt sticky notes can be used to record character traits or envisioning.  The arrows can be used for making predictions and they can point towards the details in the text that support the predictions. 

The jottings parking lot after Block I...the new stickies were a hit!

nice use of empathy

didn't use the heart for empathy, but great character description

she included the empathy label

more empathy...I think the fancy sticky notes are a winner

she'll need a little discussion on irregular verbs

this student is physically disabled with no verbal communication, but she still makes jottings with her aide writing as she points to facial expression pictures that demonstrate character traits

envisioning and character traits

character traits and empathy

empathy and envisioning

I found these sticky notes at Dollar Tree.  I am going to introduce them during our nonfiction study.

My lowest reader (level A) uses the skinny, pointed sticky note tabs to mark his pages when he wants to talk about that part in book clubs.

My students started using their sticky notes during Writing Workshop as well. This student revised the first sentence of a writing piece by writing a new beginning on her sticky note.

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