Monday, October 1, 2012

Where Do You Keep Your Information?

These three notebooks keep my anecdotal records and group lessons organized.  They are simple but extremely useful.

In the colorful notebook I keep my skills groups organized on a weekly basis.  I use my students' jottings, written responses, and conferencing notes to put them into groups for the week.  Sometimes it is a reading strategy or skill.  Sometimes it is a word work skill. 


The other two notebooks are where I keep my individual records for my students.  I have a list of the students at the front that lists their Grade Equivalent for Accelerated Reader (no comment please...this is a required program at my mind has been changing on how AR fits into the balanced literacy framework), their Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading Level, and their partnerships. Then each student has a page where I record conferencing notes.  These notes could be individual conferences, student work samples, or small group skill/strategy tips.
names are hidden for privacy

this is an old lesson plan book...the lined squares are perfect to record info

for more info on how I use address labels read my blog post How Do I Use All of These Jottings to Help My Students

word work skill (open and closed syllables) this student has mastered
I keep a schedule for when students can go book shopping in the classroom library. I spread them out throughout the week and split them up by levels to keep the books circulating.  I teach 50 students a day and each child gets 3 to 4 books a week from the classroom library. They can also check out 4 books a day at the school library so their baggies are always full.
Here are notes added throughout the year. I make sure to date all of my anecdotal records.  I collect jottings to back up my notes. I make note of skills I work on with students. I reflect on if the student is using my suggestions and showing growth.


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