Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flying Books

I want to be selfish and take the iPad cart at my school. I want to take all 30 devices and hide them in my classroom and never give them back!  My students were rock stars today!  They were creative and innovative and artistic and focused and successful.  You just had to be there to experience their joy. 

Today both of my literacy blocks created projects using the free app, Flying Books. I heard about this app from a fellow Twitter teacher. 

Students create electronic books by using photos, typing the story, and then narrating it. 

My students chose a piece of writing from their Writing Notebooks. Some students drew their illustrations and then photographed the drawings. Other students used peers and props from the classroom.

The students acted like movie directors when they used their friends to act out parts of their stories for the photos. The students worked on this project for about 90 minutes. Every child was able to share a finished product with the class.

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