Monday, October 14, 2013

Multiple-Use, Self-Assessment, Interactive Rubrics?!

I know that title is a mouthful, but I wanted to get your attention! I created a new way for my students to complete their self- assessment rubrics for their reading habits and reading logs. I have Teach Like a Pirate to thank for the inspiration. I remember reading about the Taboo Hook and wondering how I could put it in play for third graders.

Today during my Block 1 Reading Workshop, I told my students that I was going to give them their VERY last copies of their Reading Life rubric and Reading Log rubric. I made it very dramatic when I passed them out. I even made the copies on pink paper so they seemed special.

I had the students put the rubrics in a plastic sleeve in their Literacy Binder. I use the binders like a notebook, but it is more manageable for organizing a variety of activities. Then I showed the students how to use small sticky notes to mark their score for each category. Then I discussed with the students how they would be able to revisit the rubrics and simply move the sticky notes to reflect their thinking. Students will be able to physically move their reflections and note either improvements or areas they need to strengthen.

I know this isn't technically a "taboo" subject to hook students, but when you tell third graders it is the last time they are going to do something it becomes an exciting idea. The students really thought they would never have to do another rubric...guess what, kiddies? I  just meant that I wouldn't be running off copies of the rubrics anymore!  Causing excitement and helping the environment.



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