Monday, November 11, 2013

More Books! Time to Reorganize the Library

I went shopping at my favorite used book store, The Last Word. Lucky for me they were having a $1 and $0.50 sale!  Woooo!

I picked up these two sets of books because they have Hispanic main characters. Children like books when they can relate to the characters. I think my Hispanic students will enjoy these books.

I am always on the hunt for good mystery books for my students. I was excited to find several books from The Woodland series. I was also glad to find lower leveled mysteries, J and K.

I found a variety of nonfiction books in levels I-S.

These are books from popular series in levels J-Q. I have been motivating my students to read more chapter books to increase their stamina. These books will help them stay on target.

Hardback books for $1--no further explanation needed.

Multiple copies of series books levels J-R to use for books clubs.

With all of these new books, I had to reorganize my shelves in the classroom library. One set of shelves is fantasy and realistic fiction levels A-T. Another set of shelves is chapter books levels L-V. Another set of shelves contains all nonfiction books levels A-W. One set of shelves contains baskets of books levels J-P that can be found in a series. The final shelf is a variety of books from a variety of levels.

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