Sunday, February 3, 2013

4-Star Jottings

I saw an anchor chart similar to this on Pinterest. My students really liked the 4-star rating system. We had done a lesson on jottings recently where they learned about making juicy jottings. I had used an analogy of eating dinner and asked them if they would rather eat a thin, tiny piece of pizza with no toppings or a thick one dripping with cheese--I also used steak, a salad, and nachos to help them relate to making better jottings.

One of my students was thrilled to show me some of her jottings she had put in her reading notebook after finishing a book when I conferenced with her. She put stars at the bottom of each one to show me that she tried to make better jottings this time. I told her that good readers use the anchor charts to help improve their jottings. She asked me to take a picture of them! She was a little off-base with some of her ratings, but we talked about that during our conference.

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