Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Expository Writing Materials

In Reading Workshop my students are studying narrative nonfiction and participating in biography book clubs.This blends perfectly with our Writing Workshop study of expository writing. Since we have a classroom library to house our books to read, I decided to create a special section in the classroom for our expository writing materials.

I am not a glitzy, glittery, cute decorations kind of teacher. I like things that are organized, easy, and functional. I decided to have students sign out the books for research so it would feel more professional and important. I also teach 2 blocks of students (38 total) so if one student needs a book I can find the other student that is using it and have the two students share.

All of my books are labeled with Fountas and Pinnell reading levels, but I do have some really great unlabeled expository nonfiction books that students can use. I decided to put a special color code on them to let students know that they can use the books, but that they might be difficult for them.

Animals and outer space are the top two topics of interest for my third graders.

I have a miscellaneous basket of nonfiction books that students can read for research. I also included index cards and sticky notes for them to use when recording facts during research lessons.

My school's talent development teacher lent me some nonfiction big books. I think these will help motivate my reluctant readers and writers.  They will also be great for my special needs students.

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