Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Territory--Words Their Way

I am beginning to implement Words Their Way. My spelling inventories have been scored, my groups have been formed, my materials are ready...I think! 

I have descriptions of the sorts hanging by my document camera so that I can easily model them for my students. 

I have crates with my students' folders which are color-coded based on which book they scored in for their sorts. The colored folders will give me and my assistant a quick visual of which students we can pull for small group work during word work each day.


On the back of each crate label I placed the grid with my students' names so I can easily reference which sorts they need each week.

The folders contain an envelope for their current sorts and paper for their end of week assessment and other activities as needed.

On the back of the folder is a template for students who require a more detailed sorting environment.

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