Monday, September 17, 2012

Good Readers

In a previous Reading Workshop minilesson, my students practiced What Good Readers Look Like. They are doing a wonderful job of getting to their sweet spots to read independently.  I noticed that there were some differences between my first block of students and my second block of students though.  Block 1 is very focused on having personal space and quiet.  Block 2 is more focused on being near someone else and having to keep their eyes on their books.  I decided that the two blocks should have the opportunity to share their good reader tips with each other! 

So I gave them pieces of sentence strips and had them write down their tips telling what they think good readers look like.  I color-coded block 1 with yellow and block 2 with blue.  The students enjoyed reading the display and learning new tips from each other.  It was also a very easy way to post authentic student work in the classroom.

The letters are paint chip samples with a foam alphabet sticker.
Must easier than the diecut machine and reusable.

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