Monday, September 10, 2012

The Sticky Notes

As my students have been learning about their new reading lives in our balanced literacy framework, they have heard about the use and importance of sticky notes.  They have looked at the sticky notes I use in minilessons and read alouds.  I have refer to our anchor charts to remind students when and how to use sticky notes during reading.

I laminated my first set of anchor charts for the year so that I could reuse them. Now that they are hanging up in the room they have a terrible glare, so I don't think I will laminate any more of them. I will just take great care of them!
I found during my teaching on how to use sticky notes that it is best to scaffold the implementation.  First I showed how to just put a blank sticky note on the page. Then I introduced using the symbols. Finally I shared my sticky note jottings in my books that I read to the students.  I think the scaffolding motivated my readers because it allowed all levels of readers to be successful. Students who do not enjoy writing or who struggle with writing don't feel overwhelmed with the strategy.
The students went above my expectations with their jottings today.  These are some photos from just their first day using sticky notes in their reading lives. I am looking forward to what they jot as the year progresses.

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