Monday, September 17, 2012

Sticky Note Super Stars

Like many teachers, I was wary of having my third graders use sticky notes to record their thoughts while reading.  I was pleased with their jottings during minilessons and read alouds, but I was hesitant when they started to use them independently.  I hadn't planned on them using the sticky notes so early into Reading Workshop since this was an unfamiliar framework for them.  They asked if they could use them so I just took off the training wheels and let them go!

One of my quiet students had been reading one of the trade books that is part of our Social Studies series.  The book is a Level K so he is slightly below grade-level.  I was so proud and pleased when I conferenced with him and he showed me his sticky notes!

Is voting free?

This picture is in our Social Studies book.

Why does the bell have a crack in it?

Why isn't North Carolina there?

Why are they wearing weird hats?
His questions were directly related to the text.  He was making notice of the text content, maps, and photos.  He made connections to previous lessons.  The idea I told him to work on for our next conference time was to try to find other points in his book that stand out besides questions he has about the book.  I reminded him that we had also practiced envisioning.

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