Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Reading Lives

My school is using the Lucy Calkins Guide to the Reading Workshop as the foundation for our lessons.  The first unit in 3rd grade is Building a Reading Life.  During the first minilesson, I shared with my students times in my life when reading was the worst for me and times when I was being the best reader I could be.  They enjoyed my stories and couldn't believe the times when I told them that sometimes reading was the pits!  At the end of Reading Workshop, during the share time, I had them write on a sticky note what kind of reading day they had today.  They had to tell me if it was the pits or if it was the best and why.  Here is my anchor chart and some of the sticky notes students posted.

I am not an artist, but I did learn how to draw people very simply at a link called chartums! The website also has great ideas for anchor charts.

My day was the pits because I wanted a book about dogs.

It was an ok day because I could(n't) get comfortable near the bookshelf.

Good because it was so quiet.

The book was interesting. I had peace and quiet.
One of my special needs students dictated this to me.

My goal is to be a better reader. My goal is to be respectful with the book.


Good because the first thing I got my book. I was reading. I was comfortable and interested in the book. I can't wait to see what happens next.
I think this was a successful lesson because as you can see by the sticky note responses, all students were able to voice their feelings no matter what level of reader or writer they were.

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