Thursday, January 24, 2013

Analyzing Book Club Jottings

I have a variety of methods I use for keeping record of my students' discussions during book clubs, but the following one is my current favorite.  It allows me to organize the students' jottings that they choose to turn in.  I record the book title (or a shortened version), the teaching point I gave in the minilesson, any anecdotal records, and a quick description of what I will discuss during conferencing with the students in that book club.

I make note of behaviors I see or patterns that appear from meeting to meeting. I am able to reflect on my notes and see which students are progressing and which remain stagnant. Sometimes I conference with individual students and other times I might meet with the whole book club together.

As I listen in on book club discussions, I often write down phrases or questions students say that I think should be shared with other groups.

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