Sunday, January 20, 2013

Can ALL Students Participate in Book Clubs?

Yes! Absolutely! Of course! I have students in my morning literacy block that range in Fountas and Pinnell levels from A to Q!  The students in my afternoon literacy block range in levels from I to R.  All of my students are participating in book clubs.  I have a student with severe cerebral palsey who has no verbal skills and is in a powerchair.  She uses electronic assistance to communicate and she loves book clubs! It is a challenge to differentiate for all of these learning styles, but it is a welcome challenge because it makes me rethink my strategies. It keeps my ideas fresh and makes my students feel like valued members of the class.

My level C reader uses skinny, pointed sticky note tabs to mark the pages he wants to talk about in book clubs. He can write basic three or word sentences, so sometimes he is overwhelmed by jotting.  He does make drawings to show what he envisions in the story, but his sketches are very rudimentary.  By simply marking the pages he wants to talk about he is able to have a discussion with his group.  His group is comprised of himself, an exceptional needs teacher, the student with cerebral palsey, and that student's educational assistant.
The two adults in the group are part of the book club. They have their own folders and books. They prepare their jottings and complete their checklists and self-assessment rubrics just like the students.

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