Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Beginning of Book Clubs in B13

My literacy blocks are beginning their first book clubs. They will be reading and discussing books in a series.  They were supposed to do this unit back in November, but at that time my teammates and I thought it best to go ahead with the nonfiction unit instead. The main reason was that we did not have enough books. Now we are ready to go and the students are really excited! Here are some of the pieces I have put in place to get us started...I will share more as the clubs progress.

Each book club completed and signed a contract. We put them on display to remind everyone of the expectations and procedures.

Book Club folders contain the following: a copy of the contract, a meeting checklist, a calendar of meeting times and page assignments, the book, sticky notes.

Students use the meeting checklist as a self-assessment.

Students filled out their own calendars to decide how many pages or chapters they were going to read to prepare for each meeting.

Book Club Anchor Charts

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