Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Love New Books

When I was little I used to get excited every time my teacher sent home the Scholastic book order. Some of the books I ordered in elementary school are part of my classroom library today. I received a shipment of books today and found these two new gems!

The story White Water takes place in the 1960's during segregation. A boy envisions that the water from the whites only fountain must taste better than from the colored fountain.  He daydreams about tasting it. One day he stays home from school so he can sneak to the park and drink the white water.  He gets to taste it, but then a white woman yells at him causing him to fall. When he falls down he sees that both fountains are connected by the same pipe. He realizes that all of the water is the same, the fountains just look different.

I hope Tedd Arnold adds more books to this series!  My students love the Fly Guy books and I know they are going to love this new nonfiction addition!  The organization of the book is appealing and informative. It creatively uses nonfiction text features such as cutaways, photographs, captions, highlighted words, and pronunciation keys.

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