Monday, January 21, 2013

Keeping Jottings Fun with Special Sticky Notes

Happy 100th blog post to me! I thought I would share an idea I use to keep students excited about jottings. They start to get bored of the plain, yellow sticky notes. I like to change it up a little and mix in some fun colors, shapes, and designs. For some reason, the number of jottings increases...but sometimes the quality decreases. Isn't it great to have a problem when students want to write too much?!

So I came up my special bag of teacher sticky notes. When I see a student that makes a wonderfully thoughtful jotting then I tell them they can choose a few special sticky notes from my bag. This way they sort of get rewarded for putting effort into their jottings instead of just grabbing cool sticky notes and writing any old thing on them. By keeping the sticky notes in a certain location, I can can control how many a student uses. This cuts down on the expense.

Here is my special bag ($1 Target bin) and some of my special sticky notes ($1 Target bin too):

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