Saturday, January 21, 2012

Floating Words

I got this center idea on Pinterest.  I saw it designed a couple of different ways, but this is my take on it!

This center uses empty bubble tubes and alphabet beads.  Each bubble tube is filled with water and letters. The letters spell out certain words. Students gently shake the tube to see all of the scrambled letters. They record the words on the record sheet next to the tube's number (which can be found on the lid).

I chose words that my students always seem to struggle with spelling.  I posted a color-coded list to tell them what words they are trying to spell.  Some of the word are from the basic sight word list.  Others are more challenging.

fat tubes = words that begin with Q
pink tubes = words that begin with W
blue tubes = reading strategy words (connect, clarify, predict, summarize, compare, contrast, infer, conclude, etc)

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