Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reading is Valuable

This is a higher level center meant to be used by independent readers.  It can also be used during a novel study or Guided Reading lesson.  My Literacy Facilitator at my school gave me a teaching tool titled Marzano Money. I added some books to the recipe and came up with this center. The books in this center relate to a topic that is appropriate for the season.  For example, I have books for Black History Month in February.  I will add books centered on strong female stories for March which is Women's History Month. November can feature historical fiction books about Pilgrims and Native Americans. You get the point!

Students choose a book from the tub.  Then they select five questions to answer from the Marzano Bucks.  They tally the total value of their answers.  Then they rate their total value:
  • $5-$25        Your learning was worth a little bit.
  • $26-$100    Your mind is getting richer. 
  • $101-$250   You can take your learning to the bank.
  • $251-$500   Your mind is a wealth of knowledge.
  • $501 and up  You have a million dollar mind.


  1. Question for ya.....I took a peek at the Marzano bucks and love the idea but what about the blanks? Did you fill them in before you put them in the center? I have some low students and think they would be constantly interupting my group because they didn't understand....

    Thanks for poppin by my blog:)
    4th Grade Frolics

    1. Great question...I do not put out this center until after my students have shown they know how to ask each other questions. We use the Marzano question stems during Guided Reading and novel studies. This is a center for independent readers, so I would not assign this activity to students who did not know how to ask each other questions. Try using the bucks during class to model how to use them. Then monitor students using them with partners or small groups. This will help you determine who can use them successfully in a center.