Sunday, January 22, 2012

Read Around the Room

This is another common, simple center that many teachers use.  It is useful for students that need environmental print practice, students who need to revisit words they have already learned, and it is an easy way to get unmotivated students up and out of their seats.  I like to use paint sample cards (because they are colorful) and write a special message on it.  Then I hide it somewhere in the room. Students who discover it while they are reading around the room will get a special suprise.  I don't ever tell the students I hid the card...I just let them discover it!

Students select a pointer from the container. Be creative with your pointers--wands, pinwheels, fancy rulers, Dollar Tree has very cool oversized ojects that work well! Then they take a walk around the room and point out important words as they go. They can practice reading the Word Wall. They practice reading the Social Studies vocabulary Word Wall. Students can enjoy reading their classmate's work that is hanging up. They record what they read on the record sheet.

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