Sunday, January 22, 2012

Post Office

Letter writing is becoming a lost art.  This center gives students the opportunity to write cards or letters to friends and family members.  They can make their own cards or use ones that I provide for them.  They learn how to address an envelope. They get to be artistic and design stamps for the envelope. This center gives students exposure to artistic, linguistic, and interpersonal skills.  I placed all of the materials in a Priority Mail Box to make it authentic!

I put junk mail in this center for students to read which is another authentic purpose.  Sometimes I switch it up a little bit and attach question stems to the junk mail fliers.  Students can also do sorting activities with the junk mail based on author's purpose.

I also included some books that use letter writing to tell their story. One unexpected outcome of this center is that if you include thank you cards, the students begin writing them for each other which ends up being very positive for your classroom community!

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