Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reading at the Circus

This is an original center idea I came up with during a walk around Dollar Tree. I noticed someone in front of me buying clown noses, a huge tie, fancy gloves, and popcorn containers.  She also had circus invitations. As I stood there the idea for this center was created.

Students put on the clown gloves and glasses. They read a book of their choice. Then they complete an activity found on one of the popcorn bags.  They put the completed activity inside the popcorn bag. Finally they record which activity they did on the record sheet.

These are the activities I have listed on the popcorn bags.
  • Create a Double Bubble Map comparing and contrasting yourself to a character in the book
  • Write a poem or song about this book
  • What do you think the character in this book likes to eat? Make a grocery list for the character.
  • Draw a new cover for this book
  • Create a Bubble Map describing one of the characters in the book
  • Write four multiple choice questions about this book
  • Design a Pokemon card using a character from the book
  • Create a Circle Map showing important ideas from the book
  • Create a Flow Map showing important events in the story
  • Draw a picture of what you think the character's bedroom looks like
  • Draw a comic strip of one of the events in the book
  • Design a poster to make people want to read this book
  • Draw a picture of the character as if they were 100 years old
  • Make a list of five words in the book that you plan to use when writing or talkin this week
  • Make a wanted poster of one of the characters
  • Make a list of jobs you think the character would be good at
  • Write a recipe for the main character's favorite food
  • Draw a map of the story's setting
  • Design a bookmark that shows the most important ideas in the book

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