Sunday, January 22, 2012

Word Wall

There are numerous activities on the internet and in books that describe how to arrange your Word Wall. I add words that I think my students should know how to read, spell, and use in conversation and in writing after we have studied them.  My wall is organized alphabetically. I write the vowels in red. I cut around the shape of the words. I leave them up all year.  I also have a Social Studies wall that contains content vocabulary.  On that wall, I take the words down after we finish a unit and put them in a baggie.  The baggies hang on the wall so that students can go back and use them later.

These are activity choices that students can do using the Word Walls.
  • Use the spinner and do the activities listed on it.
  • Give your partner a clue and they have to guess which word you are describing.
  • Write a sentence but leave a word blank. Your partner has to fill in the blank with a Word Wall word.
  • Choose a word and code it with CLOVER.
  • Draw a picture of a word and your partner has to guess it.
  • Act out a word and your partner has to guess it.
  • Create a Tree Map and sort the words that are on one of the cupboards.

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