Sunday, January 22, 2012

Math Time

I am a huge proponent of integrating literature into math lessons.  I have compiled a library of fiction books that relate to math topics from K-5 grades.  In this center I placed a canvas folding chair (like you sit in at a soccer game).  Student choose a book from the math crate. They sit in the fold-out chair and read the book.  I wrote some QAR and Marzano questions on paint sample cards and stuck them in the middle of the books.  Students discover the questions while they are reading.  They record the book title they read on the record sheet

Ideally I hope the students find a book to read that relates to what they are studying in math.  I move the books to the front of the crate that relate to their current Math topic.  When a student is in this center I will often stop and conference with them and encourage them to tell their math teacher about the book.  This is an excellent way to have a 1:1 mini lesson about making text to world connections between literature and math concepts. I will also discuss the hidden question that was inside the book.


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