Sunday, January 22, 2012

Writing Center

My writing center is filled with all of the materials a student needs to write. There are baskets of pencils, markers, and crayons. I have a bucket of scissors and another of glue. There are cubbies filled with sticky notes and index cards. I have shelves of paper--notebook, blank, old-school lined, colored. I have Writing Tubs that contain reference books, flip charts of the most commonly misspelled words, alternate words to use for said, lists of contractions, rhyming dictionaries, almanacs, dictionaries, etc.

Posted below you will see some of the activities I have in the writing center so that students have some thought provoking and unique writing topics.

These are story titles. Students choose a title and write an appropriate story.

I cut pictures out of magazines. Students write captions for the pictures or a whole story to go along with the picture.  I look for a variety of pictures to match my students' interests.

I use interesting notepads and write prompts on them. Some are fiction and some are nonfiction.

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